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News | October 4th, 2017

Independent Payment Advisory Board still in Congress' crosshairs

Since the Affordable Care Act (ACA) passed, the much maligned Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), incorrectly labeled a death panel by the law’s opponents, has sat dormant. It has escaped scrutiny during the major debates this summer about repealing and replacing the ACA, but it is certainly not forgotten by all.
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News | July 26th, 2017

Deadline to Kill the Death Panel

Health policy experts Grace-Marie Turner and Doug Badger have an op-ed published in The Wall Street Journal noting that Congress has the opportunity before August 15 to pass a bipartisan resolution that would bring an end to the Independent Payment Advisory Board, an entity that threatens health access for millions of Medicare beneficiaries.  The text […]
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News, Opinion | July 23rd, 2017

Americans for Tax Reform: IPAB Repeal Should Not Require Budget Offsets

The Americans for Tax Reform organization has issued a statement saying that the Independent Payment Advisory Board would undermine healthcare quality and access for 55 million Americans and should be repealed by Congress.  Further, ATR insists that, even though IPAB repeal is scored as costing money, lawmakers should not be constrained in repealing the ill-conceived […]
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News, Press Release | July 23rd, 2017

Council for Citizens Against Government Waste Urges IPAB Repeal

In a letter sent to Congress in conjunction with a July 20 hearing on legislation affecting the Medicare program, the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste said it is imperative that lawmakers repeal the Independent Payment Advisory Board and maintain decisionmaking regarding Medicare policy in the hands of elected representatives instead of an unelected board.
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News | July 23rd, 2017

Quest to Get Congress to Repeal the Independent Payment Advisory Board Heats Up

According to an article in Fierce Healthcare, “The Independent Payment Advisory Board has been unpopular almost from the moment it was introduced in the Affordable Care Act.  But now, a coalition of 700 healthcare groups is on a mission to get Congress to get rid of the program before it’s too late.”
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