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News, Press Release | February 2nd, 2017

Nation’s Healthcare Leaders Endorse Legislation to Repeal Independent Payment Advisory Board

IPAB Expected to be Triggered into Effect in 2017, Making Repeal Action Urgent to Protect Beneficiaries from Harmful Cuts WASHINGTON – The Healthcare Leadership Council, a coalition of leaders from all sectors of American healthcare, today endorsed legislation that would repeal the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), a panel of political appointees that will have […]
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News, Opinion | December 20th, 2016

Huffington Post: A Medicare Issue We Can All Agree On

Highly-respected advocate for the elderly Bob Blancato authored an op-ed in Huffington Post observing that the Independent Payment Advisory Board could lead to fewer physicians seeing Medicare patients, thus affecting older Americans’ access to care.
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News | December 8th, 2016

Coalition of More than 600 Diverse Healthcare Organizations Call for Repeal of IPAB

Experts say that health spending in 2017 could finally trigger the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) to go into effect—posing an imminent threat to healthcare access for the nation’s 55 million Medicare beneficiaries. Established by the Affordable Care Act, IPAB is to be a board of Presidential appointees charged with making recommendations for cutting Medicare […]
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News | December 4th, 2016

Some Say Medicare Access May Soon Be Threatened

Though it ensured millions of Americans now have health insurance, the Affordable Care Act did not stifle continuously skyrocketing health care costs. But one piece of the act may force drastic cuts to Medicare, and Medicare beneficiaries would ultimately pay the price, opponents say.

In all likelihood, a piece of the act called the Independent Payment Advisory Board will be triggered in the spring of 2017, experts say.
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News | December 2nd, 2016

Hundreds of Healthcare Orgs Push Back against IPAB

More than 600 healthcare organizations called on Congress this week to repeal the Independent Payment Advisory Board.

Efforts to repeal the board, which was created under the Affordable Care Act to control Medicare costs, moved through the House in 2015 but were ultimately shelved. The White House also issued a statement in 2015 saying if legislation aimed at repealing IPAB reached the President's desk, he would likely veto it.
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