We Need to Protect Access to Quality Healthcare in Medicare

America’s seniors have earned access to high-quality healthcare, including medical professionals, services, and therapies. The Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB)’s mandatory cuts to Medicare, expected to be activated in 2017, will put that access at risk through arbitrary cuts to Medicare services. More than 750 organizations are urging Congress to act immediately so that the most important medical decisions remain in the hands of patients and their doctors.

Millions of Us Have a Stake in
Protecting Medicare Quality and Access

Medicare already pays less for healthcare services than private health insurance. If IPAB goes into effect, this disparity will undoubtedly worsen and create a situation in which medical decisions are dictated by IPAB-mandated budget cuts rather than the judgment of healthcare professionals. A government board, thousands of miles away, shouldn’t make it more difficult for Medicare beneficiaries to have access to the care and treatments decided between patients and their healthcare providers.

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IPAB radically changes the way Medicare was intended to be governed and administered. It shifts authority from elected members of Congress to an unelected board of political appointees (or, if a board is not appointed or does not make a proposal, to the unelected Secretary of Health and Human Services). We cannot allow such separation between Medicare decision-making and the public that depends on accessible, reliable, quality healthcare.

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You have worked hard throughout your life. You have earned the right to enjoy your retirement years without having to worry about whether your healthcare will be there when you need it. If IPAB takes effect, it could mean that doctors will find it financially difficult to continue treating Medicare patients. It could make the treatments you need less accessible. For over half a century, Medicare has fulfilled America’s healthcare promise to seniors and persons with disabilities. That promise must not be broken.

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